Mr. Coffee and the Creamers!

Fayetteville Museum of Art is bringing you Mr. Coffee and the Creamers also known as North Carolina 's premier Motown Soul and R&B ensemble! They will be performing at Fayetteville After Five on October 16, 2008. Playing everything from punk to funk, hip-hop to jazz... and yes they take requests!


Museum of Art in Festival Park

We have the FACTS and we’re voting YES to Festival Park.

1. In August of 2007 the City Council unanimously approved giving the parcel of land to the Museum in Festival Park when it realized that the Museum could absorb costs of building Festival Park by including parking, shelter, and sculpture gardens. These items were originally intended to take up space in the Park.

2. At that same meeting, the City Council voted in a split 6-3 vote to approve the 9 story design by architect Enrique Norten.

3. The Museum intends for building to be financed by private donors, just like the current building.

4. The building leaves a very small footprint on the park-- only 3,150 square feet. The original design of the building would have taken a space of 15,000 feet. One can see that though the original building was smaller, the new design takes up less space.

5. The building’s $15 million price tag includes a $3 million endowment fund for the Museum’s sustainability, so the Museum will NOT rely on the public’s tax paying dollars.

What the New Museum brings to Festival Park:

1. A world-renowned architect whose selection for the Leonardo da Vinci award and the next Guggenheim project speaks to his visionary status.

2. Scores of people from across the United States and around the world will come to visit this architectural work of art. A World Class building right here in Fayetteville.

3. The design of the suspended gallery is such that it acts as a giant carport for Festival Park. Festival Park patrons will now have relief from the elements that they currently do not.

4. The ability for the Museum to extend its mission to a larger audience currently untapped.

5. Restaurants, a cafĂ©, a water feature—all items that the public requested and architect Enrique Norten gave.

6. An ICON and LANDMARK—an enriched culture to Fayetteville.
VOTE AT www.fayobserver.com for FESTIVAL PARK!


Fayetteville Five Time!!

Who's the entertainment this week, FMoA?

We're brining back the bliss of the 80's with Suicide Blonde!!!! You bring you, (with family and friends, of course) and we'll bring the free art projects for the kids, the vendors , and the great entertainment (*whispers*......with a little beer on the side). There's something for everyone!

Sounds like a plan.

We'll be at:

Festival Park

July 17, 2008 @ 5:30pm

Edifice and Landscape Premiere

Artists Joyce Fillip, Rachel Herrick, and Rudy Rudisill explore themes of abandonment in the up coming Exhibit, Forsaken: Edifice and Landscape. Bringing light to not only places of physical abandonment, but also forsaken emotions through textures of architecture and nature.

The Premiere 'Partaay' will be held on Friday July 18th, 6-8 pm. Suncoup, a duo out of Chapel Hill, will be the vibing entertainment at the party! Check them out at www.myspace.com/suncoup

You are invited, so come on out!!!

Fayetteville Museum of Art's
Premiere Party July 18, 2008
Forsaken: Edifice and Landscape
July 19- September 7, 2008


A Spectacular Success!

Fayetteville Museum of Art held the 2nd annual "Spectacular Art Festival" on May 31, 2008. It was a spectacular success! With something happening every hour, there was plenty to do. All events welcomed children with disabilities and families including, Story Time with Cumberland County Library, sweet sounds from Fayetteville Symphony Trio, a puppet show, and even lunch from CiCi's pizza with ice cream from Cold Stone Creamery. Did you love it, love it? We did and plan to do it again. Stay close to FMoA for the next spectacular event. Thanks to all event sponsors for your participation!