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not that i get a lot of free time to explore the net in the name of arts at the museum (it is quite busy here), but sometimes i obtain a moment or two, and undoubtedly i’m always able to discover and explore new technology that expands the way we look and interpret art, or read an article about some great artist i had not yet been acquainted with (of which there are plenty). a great resource in this regard has been the Indianapolis Museum of Art. they, being terribly savvy and terrific, have a frequently updated blog (which you can read here). this blog discusses a variety of things, one such being technology and art. here are some of their recommendations for art lovers spending time online:

The Ad Generator - Give this online activity a try, and marvel at the simple complexity of advertising in your daily life. (Mad props to Noelle for this selection.)

1000 Artworks to See Before you Die - Although I do not agree with all of these picks, it is definitely worth your time. Anyone have ideas of their own for this list?

i have a few my own to add to the list:

Scribbler- this little application, or “generative illustration toy” by Zefrank.com takes basic line drawings and transforms them. you can change line transparency, color, thickness, even “scribbliness” making really simple drawings your own digital work of art. i recommend it for a 15 minute break on a Monday at work. powerful that a computer can make a pretty interesting work of art… eh? it seems to work like a screensaver, though manipulated by the human design given.

FMoA on Facebook- we do have a group page on Facebook. some of the content is horribly outdated, but if you’re one of the MANY people in the world to stay in touch with friends and family through this site, you can be a “fan” of the Museum in a new way! since joining the likes of myspace and facebook, scores of people have messaged us telling us to keep up the good work, or are relieved to actually discover a museum of art in the walls of Fayetteville! so, hurah! and, if you’d like to see something particular on either this site or our Myspace, let us know how we can improve! we do have a goal of being on Flickr in the future– ‘twould be a really simple way to show the public some of the amazing photos taken at our events or what hangs in our galleries for those too trepidatious to make the trek to bragg boulevard.

but i digress (easy for me to do once discussing with the increasingly addictive nature of social networking sites). i continually look for new ways for artists to showcase their works online. two such places recently discovered (thanks Tom Grubb) are MyArtSpace.com and Behance.net. both sites serve as a means of displaying online portfolios to a community of likeminded artists and groups. both offer gallery capabilities with the ability to upload music for those viewing said galleries (allowing for continued or perhaps new interpretation of your work), network with other artists globally, and create a profile unique to your art. personally i find behance’s system easier to navigate, its circles more approachable (networks of likeminded artists), and profile creation process simpler and more personable (which also allows you to change the colors of your profile). Myartspace keeps all profiles the same color, which, imo, can limit the interpretation of your art. either way, both prove good resources to maximize an artist’s presence online and even in the “real world”– listing jobs (behance) and contest opportunities (myartspace). so, all you burgeoning artists out there– give them a go!

finally, i’d like to take a moment to comment on this year’s Turner Prize selection: Mark Leckey. marking a prize both prestigious and controversial certainly seems just plain controversial. modern art as garbage, literally. most interestingly, the debate never seems to be about which artist won (this year’s award snubbing three female artists), as the awards’ own director states: “The prize is not there to award the most competent artist at work today, but to draw attention to what the jury considers new developments.” a lot of people just consider it bollocks, but i bet Leckey takes his £25,000 prize seriously indeed.

and that rounds up my net discoveries relating to art for the week.

let me know if any find them interesting, ridiculous, or perhaps, useful.

-your loyal office administrator


oh this time...

of year can be downright exhausting. but you know what, (i’ll use another ex word here) it is exhilarating as well. people hustling about shopping or creating; dressing their houses, businesses and the like in holiday cheer; the preparation of large meals to be shared with those we love (and sometimes love to hate); secret santa mischief played out between co-workers; looking at the year to come for the endless possibilities, opportunities, and resolutions offered; the list goes on. it is a lot of work to be had– but i do believe we only have a few scrooges in this world; most consider the reward far worth it.

Snowflake Lane

i posted recently about the programs and fundraisers and events the museum is planning for next year. what do you, oh glorious public, think of our ideas? what programming are we lacking or how can we strengthen current programs? we are using this forum to (hopefully) reach out to a demographic currently untapped. (our hidden location often serves as an invisible cloak :)) so what do you think, public? as we gear up for all the hard work ahead, we want to make sure our tasks at hand are well worth the cause in serving this community.

i implore you. take a moment to think about what events, classes, exhibits you would like to see at the Fayetteville Museum of Art. we are splashed all over the papers regarding our future status– how about what we are doing now? leave a comment with your ideas, i promise we will take it to heart.

-your loyal office administrator


focusing on the new year

the museum has been in preparation mode, looking at our calendar for the coming year to plan lots of exciting events.

save the date!

Dennis Draughon CartoonExhibit Premiere Party (January 16, 2009)

Gallery 208 Premiere Party: Dennis Draughon (January 22, 2009)

Girls Night Out: Breakfast at Tiffany’s (January 30, 2009) Tiffany Tease

Art Opening

Exhibit Premiere Party (March 13, 2009)

Museum Miles 5K & 1 Mile Fun Walk (March 21, 2009)

Roaring Twenties Young Affiliate Party (April 3 or 4, 2009)

Gallery 208 Premiere Party: Silvana Foti (April 16, 2009)

Children's ArtArt Consignment Sale (April 24, 2009)

Spectacular Children’s Art Festival (April 30, 2009)

Kentucky Derby Gala (May 2, 2009)

Exhibit Premiere Party (May 15, 2009)


Don’t those sound like a lot of cool and exciting events? Just typing them out makes me dizzy with all of the fun preparation work ahead. Details will be forthcoming. Museum staff’s feet may be tired– but there sure will be a lot of event opportunities for those interested in the arts of Fayetteville! Whew.

-your loyal Office Administrator, Erica Gilbert


throw your money on art

Casino Night Invite

So I just absolutely had to tell everyone about the Museum’s hottest and most fun night of the year! This Saturday, at 6:30pm the Museum will host it’s fall fundraiser– a Casino Night gawdily luxurious with all the Vegas trimmings. (A perfect way to prep for the tedious holiday season ahead.)

Each ticket is $75 and gets you $50 bucks in “play” gaming money in which you purchase art related prizes with your “winnings” at the end of the night. Free alcohol and hors d’oeuvres will abound– keeping your game fierce. Come hone your black jack or chuck-o-luck skills, or take a chance at our roulette tables.

Fun should be had by all– and with a great cause– championing the art of Fayetteville!

(Maybe I will actually learn how to play Poker!)

-your loyal Office Administrator, Ms. Erica Gilbert


Craighead in Raleigh News

by Erica Gilbert

People are excited about our forthcoming exhibit. The Raleigh Chronicle had this to say about one of our featured artists, Jason Craighead.

By Kim Weiss, Blue Plate PR 27.OCT.08
RALEIGH - Jason Craighead, the Raleigh-based artist whose work has been described by Metro Magazine art critic Louis St. Lewis as “conjuring up ghosts of everyone from Motherwell to Franz Kline to Cy Twombly,” will exhibit over a dozen new paintings during a special exhibit at the Fayetteville Museum of Art (FMA) in Fayetteville, NC, entitled “The Energy of a Line.”Craighead Saturday Morning 1

The show will open November 7 and run through January 11, 2009. An opening reception will be held from 6-8 p.m. on Friday the 7th.

This marks the first museum exhibit for the artist, whose work has been shown in many galleries and other shows over his career, including FMA’s satellite “Gallery 208″ a year ago.

“I can’t think of another museum I’d rather show in first more than FMA,” Craighead said recently as he credited director Tom Grubb and curator Michelle Horn with “giving me another opportunity as I move forward. This really feels like good, forward motion.”

Craighead’s FMA collection will include six works on paper (22 in. x30 in.), at least three 64 in. x 76 in. works on canvas, and an 8 ft. x 12 ft. painting, among others.

Painter Gerry Lynch and sculptor Seth Hicks will also be included in “The Energy of a Line.” And Jason Craighead couldn’t be more pleased.

“Gerry Lynch has always been a kind of artistic hero of mine,” he said. “I first discovered her work about 10 years ago, and I was completely blown away.”Craighead Saturday Morning 4

“I’ve always liked Seth’s work, too,” he noted - so much so that when he co-owned the former Glance Gallery in downtown Raleigh, he frequently paired his paintings with Hick’s sculpture.

Jason Craighead describes his artistic process as “a passionate and emotionally charged, evolving exploration of line and space, from scribble to scrawl. As an artist, or even a thinker, one must never give in to the ’simple’ or the ‘known’.”

As an artist whose work continues to evolve, he describes his newest direction as “the ultimate transitional moment for me. And I feel these pieces are representative of that transition. I’m beginning to have a more philosophical approach to my work. I’m no longer afraid to do what I’m doing - to let out whatever needs to be let out. I’m detaching from ‘things,’ finding space and creating rhythm, and letting my work become the pure thing that it is. With less fear comes more freedom.”

The FMA exhibit comes at a mid point between Craighead’s spring 2008 exhibit at the Miriam Preston Block Art Gallery in the Municipal Building in downtown Raleigh and a solo exhibit at Somerhill Gallery in Durham, scheduled for September 2009. The City of Raleigh purchased the largest piece in the Raleigh show.Craighead Saturday Morning 3

Earlier this month, a 40 in. by 40 in. painting Craighead donated to the “Works of Heart” auction to benefit the Carolina AIDs Alliance drew the largest bid in the annual event’s 18-year history. Works of Heart is the area’s premiere charitable art auction.
tly represented by Somerhill Gallery in Durham www.sommerhill.com, Broadhurst Gallery in Pinehurst www.broadhurstgallery.com, Anne Irwin Fine Art in Atlanta, GA www.anneirwinfineart.com, and Bucks Gallery of Fine Art in Newtown, PAwww.bucksgalleryoffineart.com. For more information on the artist, visit any
Jason Craighead is currenof these websites.

For more information on the Fayetteville Museum of Art, visit www.fayettevillemuseumart.com.

Thanks for the shout-out, Raleigh Chronicle!


MoA to host pretty cool band!

Ari Picker of Lost in the Trees

So. You may not have heard, but the Museum of Art has a premiere party about every 2 months for its latest exhibit. In speaking with the people that come through our doors, it seems this premiere party is a well kept secret in our community. Well, this post will serve the purpose of “outing” the secret we never really meant to keep. The party is done right as the Museum not only offers free food and adult beverages but free entertainment as well. (Some things in life really are free!) On November 7th we will feature the dually located Boston/Chapel Hill band Lost in the Trees.

A folk orchestra band headed by composer/songwriter Ari Picker, the band will be showcasing their most recent release, All Alone in an Empty House, which is their anticipated follow up to the critically lauded Time Taunts Me. The party starts at 6pm and lasts until 8pm AT the Fayetteville Museum of Art (since many of you don’t seem to know, we are behind Eutaw Shopping Center off of Bragg Boulevard). Instead of being a good writer and reworking the bio the band’s label provided, I am going to pull the content I find exceedingly interested below:

“While Picker certainly utilizes his professional training from the esteemed Berklee College of Music, All Alone in an Empty House is far from the cold calculation and gridded ‘correctness’ some associate with classical music. Rather, it is intensely personal (almost uncomfortably so) and never allows the rules of classical music to limit the emotional weight delivered in each song. Picker draws heavily from his autobiography, exploring how the relationship between his parents went on to affect his own relationships with loved ones in his life. He is not attempting to take sides or blame for the traumatic influence of his parents. He is simply trying to recreate the byproduct emotions that came from dealing with issues such as bipolar disorder, self-absorption, artistic creativity, mathematical proficiency, and sexual and emotional abuse. Picker uses the unifying familiarity of traditional folk to face these haunting issues with optimism, not dread, and uses his orchestra of strings and horns to objectively correlate the feeling of the song to the listener. Thematically and sonically, All Alone in an Empy House is extremely intimate.”

That sounds pretty cool, right? I also find it exceedingly interesting that the band’s label has chosen to release All Alone in an Empty House in a one package format that features a CD, free MP3 digital download, and a vinyl record. The label feels that by doing so they are meeting the needs of listeners while responding to the changing way people buy music. Both the label and the band feel that “buying hard copy music and interacting with records is a crucial supporting leg to the world of music” while showcasing their stern refusal to bow to the digital movement. I am in complete agreement and always found it difficult at shows/stores to “pick” whether I wanted an album on vinyl or on CD. I often opted for the CD option so that I would have the enjoyment of uploading to my iTunes and listening to the music wherever I went. Labels are acknowledging that people like to listen to music in a multitude of formats and now enabling them to do so without forcing them to sacrifice the “easy-listening” (ha.) of an mp3.

Album Cover, Lost in the Trees


It would seem silly not to come check out this insanely adept band (FOR FREE) while also enjoying high quality works of art deconstructing the line. (artists Jason Craighead, Gerry Lynch, and Seth Hicks will jolt you out of a foggy-brain-cell-day with their passionate drawings that reinterpret the basic line of life.)

In hopes of furthering the intrigue and excitement for this event, forthcoming posts will reveal information on the artists, etc.

-Your loyal Museum Office Administrator, Ms. Erica Gilbert.


It’s Artastic!

The Fayetteville Museum of Art is gearing up for its FREE! Children’s Art Festival that is taking place on Saturday, October 3rd, from 10am to 3pm at Festival Park. People have been frantically running around the building, pulling together last minute items like, you know, helium tanks, banners, zip ties, the average every day GIGANTIC CARIBBEAN MASKS, and GINORMOUS CARIBBEAN ART BOARDS.

Caribbean Junkanoo Parade

Needless to say, the event is going to bold and beautiful with a wide variety of majestic colors. We really hope that you and yours are able to come out and enjoy this wonderful event. Many of you may already know the event as it was formerly POND-O-MANIA on the Museum’s property. In keeping with this tradition, we are basing this year’s theme on the culture of the Caribbean. As such, we will have our very own Junkanoo parade of costumes created by YOUR children on site, a beat station, Island Story Time, A Caribbean Reaf Exploration station, a Rock-A-Bye Baby statio, children’s dance performances, and authentic Caribbean music by Maya Quinteao. It is an event NOT to miss. The Caribbean Grill will even be onsite to provide authentic cuisine!

Yay for free ARTASTIC! events that celebrate culture, children, and ART all in one!


perfect day for...


The Fayetteville Museum of Art couldn't be more pleased to bring this community a free concert on a day that is hiccuping of fall.

It is the perfect opportunity to gather with friends and family, enjoy some great tunes, and purchase a quality beverage to support the cultural arts community of Fayetteville.

We hope to see you out at our event! It starts at 5:30 and ends when the fun ends!


Bull City Syndicate!

"More than just a cliche' wedding band, Bull City Syndicate, (formerly, Soul Kitchen & The Bull City Horns), pushes the boundaries of their powerful sound even further for 2008."

Yes, it's Bull City Syndicate bringing the funkadelic sounds to life, in Festival Park this afternoon at 5pm. If you don't know the drill, you have to bring: yourself, friends and or family, your dancin' shoes, a couple dollars for food and drink, and just enjoy the free concert.

There are only two more concerts after this one so join in on the fun!


Correction, Education Classes

Here is a corrected copy of our fall education classes:


it's more than fantastic, it's ARTASTIC!

So, the Museum has finally settled on a name for its Children's Festival.

The Festival is still in the preliminary stages of planning, but so far, this it what the day o' fun for the family will look like:

We hope you'll come out and support!

Back to school... BACK TO ART

So, it's that time of year parent's relish.. when their children go BACK to school.

Everyone's pencils are all sharpened, notebooks full of paper, your child's brain ready to absorb knowlege...

Well, perhaps not completely ready to absorb all those math formulas.

If you think your child might need a bit more of a creative outlet-- sign them up for classes!


Mr. Coffee and the Creamers!

Fayetteville Museum of Art is bringing you Mr. Coffee and the Creamers also known as North Carolina 's premier Motown Soul and R&B ensemble! They will be performing at Fayetteville After Five on October 16, 2008. Playing everything from punk to funk, hip-hop to jazz... and yes they take requests!


Museum of Art in Festival Park

We have the FACTS and we’re voting YES to Festival Park.

1. In August of 2007 the City Council unanimously approved giving the parcel of land to the Museum in Festival Park when it realized that the Museum could absorb costs of building Festival Park by including parking, shelter, and sculpture gardens. These items were originally intended to take up space in the Park.

2. At that same meeting, the City Council voted in a split 6-3 vote to approve the 9 story design by architect Enrique Norten.

3. The Museum intends for building to be financed by private donors, just like the current building.

4. The building leaves a very small footprint on the park-- only 3,150 square feet. The original design of the building would have taken a space of 15,000 feet. One can see that though the original building was smaller, the new design takes up less space.

5. The building’s $15 million price tag includes a $3 million endowment fund for the Museum’s sustainability, so the Museum will NOT rely on the public’s tax paying dollars.

What the New Museum brings to Festival Park:

1. A world-renowned architect whose selection for the Leonardo da Vinci award and the next Guggenheim project speaks to his visionary status.

2. Scores of people from across the United States and around the world will come to visit this architectural work of art. A World Class building right here in Fayetteville.

3. The design of the suspended gallery is such that it acts as a giant carport for Festival Park. Festival Park patrons will now have relief from the elements that they currently do not.

4. The ability for the Museum to extend its mission to a larger audience currently untapped.

5. Restaurants, a cafĂ©, a water feature—all items that the public requested and architect Enrique Norten gave.

6. An ICON and LANDMARK—an enriched culture to Fayetteville.
VOTE AT www.fayobserver.com for FESTIVAL PARK!


Fayetteville Five Time!!

Who's the entertainment this week, FMoA?

We're brining back the bliss of the 80's with Suicide Blonde!!!! You bring you, (with family and friends, of course) and we'll bring the free art projects for the kids, the vendors , and the great entertainment (*whispers*......with a little beer on the side). There's something for everyone!

Sounds like a plan.

We'll be at:

Festival Park

July 17, 2008 @ 5:30pm

Edifice and Landscape Premiere

Artists Joyce Fillip, Rachel Herrick, and Rudy Rudisill explore themes of abandonment in the up coming Exhibit, Forsaken: Edifice and Landscape. Bringing light to not only places of physical abandonment, but also forsaken emotions through textures of architecture and nature.

The Premiere 'Partaay' will be held on Friday July 18th, 6-8 pm. Suncoup, a duo out of Chapel Hill, will be the vibing entertainment at the party! Check them out at www.myspace.com/suncoup

You are invited, so come on out!!!

Fayetteville Museum of Art's
Premiere Party July 18, 2008
Forsaken: Edifice and Landscape
July 19- September 7, 2008


A Spectacular Success!

Fayetteville Museum of Art held the 2nd annual "Spectacular Art Festival" on May 31, 2008. It was a spectacular success! With something happening every hour, there was plenty to do. All events welcomed children with disabilities and families including, Story Time with Cumberland County Library, sweet sounds from Fayetteville Symphony Trio, a puppet show, and even lunch from CiCi's pizza with ice cream from Cold Stone Creamery. Did you love it, love it? We did and plan to do it again. Stay close to FMoA for the next spectacular event. Thanks to all event sponsors for your participation!


Rock with Nantucket!!

Nantucket, the classic rock band, will be in our town on June 19th 2008 as apart of 'Fayetteville After Five' held at Festival Park. Guess what time it's gonna start? If you guess you can have free tickets, oh wait its free already! ..... AND the opening act is 'DL Token'! Don't forget your chairs.

Who: Fayetteville After Five
When: 5pm
Where: Festival Park
Why: Because Fayetteville Museum of Art is AWESOME!

For additional information contact us at: (910) 485-5121


Children's Art Festival

Today we had a rousing meeting for our Children's Art Festival that will be held for the first time in our proposed new location--- Festival Park.

I think it's quite a tease and ruffles plenty of feathers!

Also, we need a name. We're throwing around CarnivĂ le. Whaddya think?

Blogs of Note

We know people.

Well, at least we like to think. Notice on the side of our page we've listed blogs that we regularly read. A lot of these are community blogs by the Fayetteville Observer, but still a lot are artists that we've featured in our exhibits, or other Museum's that have art related blogs. Check 'em out! If you're an artist and would like us to list your blog--- leave a comment!

A Swankily Sweaty Affair

The Museum just came off it's biggest fundraiser of the year-- the 2008 Collector's Choice Gala. Even with the A/C being on the fritz, everyone seemed to enjoy themselves. We had performance art, some healthy jazz, and best yet-- everyone walked home with a great piece of art!!!

Fused & Divided

"Creepy" "Weird" "Like a cool nightmare" "Straight out of a tool video"

are just some of the terms that I've heard used to describe the Museum's latest exhibit--- Fused & Divided, Life & Art. The exhibit features the married minds of Herb Parker and Yvette Dede. The work is a more personal note for them--- and we think that makes it even more disturbing.

I would say that is fairly apt. Our good friend Melissa Clement, from the Fayetteville Observer had some eery comments too. The point she makes that I completely agree with "The work is intriguingly grotesque.".

But you don't have to take my or Melissa's word for it. Come by the Museum. The exhibit will be on display until July 13th.

Being a Blogger

I just thought it was worthy to note that when I google Museum of Art Blogs, only a handful of blogs popped up. Ours was one of 'em.


That's all.


city and the museum

some of the staff here, being largely female, is excited for this weekend's opening of sex and the city-- the movie. the show about the four larger-than-life females who live life, fall down, and lick wounds with the purchase of the latest blahniks and lunches of laughter is finally coming to the big screen. there is nothing super deep about this show, its plot, or its characters. in fact, one could argue it to be entirely shallow. fashion as a means to fix yourself? as an intelligent modern woman, my first instinct at this statement is to balk at it-- say pish-posh. men don't define themselves with clothes, why should we?

however, i then think about all the moments i spend staring at my closet, tearing items off their hangers, trying them on, only to throw the dismal pieces on the floor and reek havoc until--- that wonderful, end-all, be-all outfit comes together. the one that when i put it on, oozes confidence and is
perfect for that moment, that day, that mood. a whole new life is breathed into me after getting dressed, and i am ready to walk out the door, face the big bad world. fashion can help provide a sense of self or confidence on a day in which a woman is sorely lacking it. i'm not saying it is the woman's SOURCE of self, but it helps.
don't you think?

and i then began to think about how to many, fashion is truly art. a higher level of self expression. we recently had an exhibition entitled unbinding beauty. the exhibit had four female artist's working in different forms, all kind of dealing with feminine expression. images from the show are throughout the blog here, but as you can see, the springboard common to all these artists' is the female form, largely how fashion is expressed through it. wanrudee buranakorn, erica stankwytch bailey, emily mills reed, and denise baker are all visionaries to me.