Children's Art Festival

Today we had a rousing meeting for our Children's Art Festival that will be held for the first time in our proposed new location--- Festival Park.

I think it's quite a tease and ruffles plenty of feathers!

Also, we need a name. We're throwing around Carnivàle. Whaddya think?


Meredith said...

Here are some ideas... the good the bad and the ugly...

Artapalooza, ParkitPalooza, Parkapalooza
Artastic!, Kum Ba Yah, Recess Fest
DoodleFest, ArtEdventure, Art Daze
KidsCulture, ArtsinAction, Childsplay, Artvironment, Artfaire
Kidswork, Arti-Gras, Hands-on, Discoverirespace, Discovery
Artstanding, Collage,
Prodigies, DoDaDay

Any favorites?

Anonymous said...

Kiz Art Culture

Anonymous said...


Kidz Art Culture

Fayetteville Museum of Art said...

I'm sorry, wouldn't that be KAC?