Rock with Nantucket!!

Nantucket, the classic rock band, will be in our town on June 19th 2008 as apart of 'Fayetteville After Five' held at Festival Park. Guess what time it's gonna start? If you guess you can have free tickets, oh wait its free already! ..... AND the opening act is 'DL Token'! Don't forget your chairs.

Who: Fayetteville After Five
When: 5pm
Where: Festival Park
Why: Because Fayetteville Museum of Art is AWESOME!

For additional information contact us at: (910) 485-5121


Children's Art Festival

Today we had a rousing meeting for our Children's Art Festival that will be held for the first time in our proposed new location--- Festival Park.

I think it's quite a tease and ruffles plenty of feathers!

Also, we need a name. We're throwing around Carnivàle. Whaddya think?

Blogs of Note

We know people.

Well, at least we like to think. Notice on the side of our page we've listed blogs that we regularly read. A lot of these are community blogs by the Fayetteville Observer, but still a lot are artists that we've featured in our exhibits, or other Museum's that have art related blogs. Check 'em out! If you're an artist and would like us to list your blog--- leave a comment!

A Swankily Sweaty Affair

The Museum just came off it's biggest fundraiser of the year-- the 2008 Collector's Choice Gala. Even with the A/C being on the fritz, everyone seemed to enjoy themselves. We had performance art, some healthy jazz, and best yet-- everyone walked home with a great piece of art!!!

Fused & Divided

"Creepy" "Weird" "Like a cool nightmare" "Straight out of a tool video"

are just some of the terms that I've heard used to describe the Museum's latest exhibit--- Fused & Divided, Life & Art. The exhibit features the married minds of Herb Parker and Yvette Dede. The work is a more personal note for them--- and we think that makes it even more disturbing.

I would say that is fairly apt. Our good friend Melissa Clement, from the Fayetteville Observer had some eery comments too. The point she makes that I completely agree with "The work is intriguingly grotesque.".

But you don't have to take my or Melissa's word for it. Come by the Museum. The exhibit will be on display until July 13th.

Being a Blogger

I just thought it was worthy to note that when I google Museum of Art Blogs, only a handful of blogs popped up. Ours was one of 'em.


That's all.