the little black dress is ubiquitous, indeed.

there was a lovely article in the life section of the observer today that commented on the ever-present, classic nature of the lbd. due to it’s classic nature and presence, it is often a subject of various art forms- design, photography, sculpture, mixed media, etc.

acknowledging the little black dress as an inspiration to art, the museum invited raleigh artist Lisa Stroud to showcase her “Little Black Dress” art series during our Girls Night Out event tomorrow night. selections of the work will be raffled off throughout the evening, and of course, her work will be for sale, and she will be on hand to reflect on what the “little black dress” means to her. new to the area fashion mogul Terra Michaels will also be on hand with models showcasing her hip fashion designs.

in this discussion of life and art, i thought i would share a few images that will have you salivating at the opportunity to throw your lbd on and come share cocktails with your best gal pals…

Check it Out Here


classes for old folks...

well. not really.

but the museum does have quite a few opportunities for adults to enhance their visual arts appreciation and abilities (we have scores of children’s classes and didn’t want to leave out the older peeps anymore)…

Check ‘em out here:






new year, new advertising

Check out our cool new ad that will appear in the Fayetteville Area Destination Guide.

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Thanks, ARCDESIGN, for making us look as cool as we feel our product is.


Girls Night Out

Girls Night Out

Audrey Hepburn

Grab your little black dress, your diamonds and pearls,
It’s an evening of fun, a night with the girls.
We’ll enjoy martinis, slurped so politely.
We’ll party with Audrey— Miss Holly Golightly.
Waste no more time, please call in a hurry.
Your spot will be saved, there’s no need to worry.
The 30th at 7, the curtain will rise.
It’s a night for girls only, sorry no guys.

CALL US AT 910-485-5121 to reserve your spot today!