Bull City Syndicate!

"More than just a cliche' wedding band, Bull City Syndicate, (formerly, Soul Kitchen & The Bull City Horns), pushes the boundaries of their powerful sound even further for 2008."

Yes, it's Bull City Syndicate bringing the funkadelic sounds to life, in Festival Park this afternoon at 5pm. If you don't know the drill, you have to bring: yourself, friends and or family, your dancin' shoes, a couple dollars for food and drink, and just enjoy the free concert.

There are only two more concerts after this one so join in on the fun!


Correction, Education Classes

Here is a corrected copy of our fall education classes:


it's more than fantastic, it's ARTASTIC!

So, the Museum has finally settled on a name for its Children's Festival.

The Festival is still in the preliminary stages of planning, but so far, this it what the day o' fun for the family will look like:

We hope you'll come out and support!

Back to school... BACK TO ART

So, it's that time of year parent's relish.. when their children go BACK to school.

Everyone's pencils are all sharpened, notebooks full of paper, your child's brain ready to absorb knowlege...

Well, perhaps not completely ready to absorb all those math formulas.

If you think your child might need a bit more of a creative outlet-- sign them up for classes!