all 80's week...

all 80’s week…

in celebration of the forthcoming Fayetteville After Five’s celebration of the 80’s with regional favorites Suicide Blonde I am making my workweek all 80’s by creating a new radio station on my Pandora. (Pandora is WONDERFUL if you working folks haven’t clued in yet.)

80’s music makes me gloriously happy in a way that no other music can. I was raised on Q98– you know, back when Beyonce wasn’t on the radio. I revert back to that gleeful carefree state of being a kid, and as the triumphant dance opening of Madonna’s “Borderline” opens, all my work worries fade away! You should try it! Guaranteed stress free day at work awaits– and all it takes is a little 80’s tunage!

Seriously, though– if not eager to try out 80’s music while at your desk (oh, cutting crew, ms. lauper, and night ranger– how you make every little rotten thing about life seem okay…) at least come out to our FREE concert this Thursday, June 18th at Festival Park and rock out to all the classic hits of the 80’s and rejoice that you finally did throw that Members Only jacket away! Gates open at 5pm– festivities begin at 5:30pm. Bring your friends and fam– enjoy a variety of food vendors, and frosty cold one from Bud Light!

And in the vein of shameful self-revelations– share your favorite outlandish 80’s memory. What horrendous outfit did you wear? What song did you slow dance to at your wedding, thinking that it was *the* best song ever? Or, better yet, what song took you tabletop? What ridiculous geometrical shaped furniture piece did you buy? We wanna hear them! Let’s take a moment to think back to a simpler time– of Reaganomics and the rubik’s cube and, most importantly Duran Duran and Devo!


Gallery 208 Premiere & Exhibition

October Illustrations

June 11th, 2009 11:55 am by Erica Gilbert

Today is the opening reception of the Museum’s annex gallery, Gallery 208. The gallery is housed in the corporate offices of Up & Coming Weekly, which are located at 208 Rowan Street. ( a name that clues into its location sounds like a good idea to me!)

The reception is from 5:30 until 7pm and welcomes artists Shannon Stamey and Mike Ramagno– of course, their art graces the walls.

Stamey is from a little town called Lincolnton, NC, and currently resides right here in Fayetteville, and is very excited for the opportunity to showcase his work. Desiring to be a children’s book illustrator, his works venture from whimsical book illustrations on a large scale to stylized turn-of-the-century ads whose age appears much more than their reality.

This opening reception will feature wonderful hors d’oeuvres from restaurant Lock’s Creek and refreshments and, very importantly, is FREE to the public. For the seasoned gallery crawler, one will delight in the originality of the works, but the person new to gallery openings will find that these works have a mass people that is easily connected with.

Visit the artists website at OctoberIllustrations.com to familiarize yourself with the work. I am sure you will be delighted and taken back to the times of your youth when the simplest things amazed. (which, in these times, is a blessing to be reminded of.)


27 Dresses....

27 Dresses…

Kevin: [motions to a “Gone With the Wind”-style dress] What the hell is that?
Jane: Theme wedding.
Kevin: What was the theme? Humiliation?”

If you’ve not yet heard, Friday marks the 3rd installment of our successful girls only party called Girls Night Out. The theme is aptly based on the recent hit film, 27 Dresses. Apt because, it’s that time of year. The time when love is in the air, and everytime you turn around, you trip on a wedding gown train. Just last weekend I saw three weddings take place around town!! People are getting all gussied up, and celebrating life and love. Well, I’ve only ever been to one wedding in my life. So I’ve not the pleasure of all that fun wrapped up in over-sized white bows. I’m pretty excited for this event, because it will provide the experience without actually requiring me to buy the couple a gift! Bird seed, bubbles, exquisite cake, garter belts, multiple bouquet tosses!!! What more could a girl ask for in fun? Well, how about raffles, delicious drinks, and a “burn it or buy it”auction? Sounds like a party to remember to me!

So, please– R.S.V.P to our Girls Night Out, this Friday, June 5th right here at the Fayetteville Museum of Art! Buy your ticket online today, or call 910-485-5121 to reserve your space on the guest list!!

Get glamoured out in the bridesmaid dress you WISH the bride had picked out for you, or, come dressed in the outlandish outfit she actually DID pick out for you! Either way! We can’t wait!




“Kevin: Are they bridesmaid dresses?
Jane: This is none of your business!
Kevin: Oh… good God. What, you kept them all? You have a whole closetful? Why?
Jane: I have a lot of friends and I like to keep them.
Kevin: [snickering] Right. Well, that makes complete sense because they’re… *beautiful*.
Jane: Some of them are not that bad.
Kevin: Not that bad? I’d like to see one of them that’s not that bad.”
You know you’ve got some dresses that you are ready to part with! Bring them to the next Girls Night Out for a “burn it or buy it” auction where you can finally put those dresses to rest to raise money for charity! Paddles will be on hand as well as a fire pit to watch polyester go up in flames!!

+ = REVENGE!!!!!

Details on the event are here: www.FayettevilleMuseumArt.org/upcoming-events.html!