27 Dresses....

27 Dresses…

Kevin: [motions to a “Gone With the Wind”-style dress] What the hell is that?
Jane: Theme wedding.
Kevin: What was the theme? Humiliation?”

If you’ve not yet heard, Friday marks the 3rd installment of our successful girls only party called Girls Night Out. The theme is aptly based on the recent hit film, 27 Dresses. Apt because, it’s that time of year. The time when love is in the air, and everytime you turn around, you trip on a wedding gown train. Just last weekend I saw three weddings take place around town!! People are getting all gussied up, and celebrating life and love. Well, I’ve only ever been to one wedding in my life. So I’ve not the pleasure of all that fun wrapped up in over-sized white bows. I’m pretty excited for this event, because it will provide the experience without actually requiring me to buy the couple a gift! Bird seed, bubbles, exquisite cake, garter belts, multiple bouquet tosses!!! What more could a girl ask for in fun? Well, how about raffles, delicious drinks, and a “burn it or buy it”auction? Sounds like a party to remember to me!

So, please– R.S.V.P to our Girls Night Out, this Friday, June 5th right here at the Fayetteville Museum of Art! Buy your ticket online today, or call 910-485-5121 to reserve your space on the guest list!!

Get glamoured out in the bridesmaid dress you WISH the bride had picked out for you, or, come dressed in the outlandish outfit she actually DID pick out for you! Either way! We can’t wait!

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