city and the museum

some of the staff here, being largely female, is excited for this weekend's opening of sex and the city-- the movie. the show about the four larger-than-life females who live life, fall down, and lick wounds with the purchase of the latest blahniks and lunches of laughter is finally coming to the big screen. there is nothing super deep about this show, its plot, or its characters. in fact, one could argue it to be entirely shallow. fashion as a means to fix yourself? as an intelligent modern woman, my first instinct at this statement is to balk at it-- say pish-posh. men don't define themselves with clothes, why should we?

however, i then think about all the moments i spend staring at my closet, tearing items off their hangers, trying them on, only to throw the dismal pieces on the floor and reek havoc until--- that wonderful, end-all, be-all outfit comes together. the one that when i put it on, oozes confidence and is
perfect for that moment, that day, that mood. a whole new life is breathed into me after getting dressed, and i am ready to walk out the door, face the big bad world. fashion can help provide a sense of self or confidence on a day in which a woman is sorely lacking it. i'm not saying it is the woman's SOURCE of self, but it helps.
don't you think?

and i then began to think about how to many, fashion is truly art. a higher level of self expression. we recently had an exhibition entitled unbinding beauty. the exhibit had four female artist's working in different forms, all kind of dealing with feminine expression. images from the show are throughout the blog here, but as you can see, the springboard common to all these artists' is the female form, largely how fashion is expressed through it. wanrudee buranakorn, erica stankwytch bailey, emily mills reed, and denise baker are all visionaries to me.

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