printmaker at Gallery 208, Julie Niskanen

TOMORROW we premiere artist Julie Niskanen at Gallery 208. Join us from 5:30pm to 7pm for a FREE and entertaining look at the world of art. Light hors d’oeuvres provided by Locks Creek, adult beverages courtesy of Up & Coming Weekly, home to Gallery 208. Exquisite detail exists in her art as a result of the nature that inspires. Please join us at 208 Rowan Street, right across from Festival Park.

The world of printmaking is a fascinating one, especially when it is taken to such articulate detail, like upcoming artist Gallery 208 Julie Niskanen. She premieres at Gallery 208 tomorrow, and the Museum is grateful to be showcasing such a talented artist who is not only bringing her art to this community, but her talents as well. Teaching art at FTCC, Niskanen is also hopeful to get a print-making program up and running. We certainly hope she does. Join us at the premiere to have a conversation with this wonderful artist.

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ralphslatton said...

I became acquainted with Julie's work not too long ago. She has an absolutely exquisite sensitivity. Her plates are balanced with beautifully coordinated tones of lights and darks. As a printmaker, I can identify how difficult this balancing act can sometimes be. She states her complexity with such eloquence.